LINQ and the AutoCAD .NET API (Part 1)

This is the first in a series of posts on LINQ an the AutoCAD .NET API. Here’s a complete list of posts in this series.

I recently played around with the AutoCAD .NET API and I want to share some ideas I had on how to make use of IEnumerable<T> when dealing with the drawing database. Generally speaking, the AutoCAD API is very powerful as the drawing is based on a database and you use transactions to interact with the drawing data. If something goes wrong, you simply abort the transaction and your changes are rolled back. Nice. But this comes with the cost of writing a lot of boilerplate code. Continue reading

My IAESTE traineeship in The Gambia, August to September 2014

(This is the report I wrote for IAESTE about my traineeship in The Gambia, August to September 2014.)

From August to September 2014 I did my IAESTE traineeship in The Gambia, a small country in West Africa. I study computer science at Graz University of Technology, Austria, and during the traineeship I worked for two Gambian IT institutes in Serekunda, the largest urban centre in The Gambia. While this was my first time in Africa, I’m glad to have spent the time in The Gambia — it was a wonderful experience. Continue reading